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Spring 2017 Newsletter

During every presentation that I give on CFSA’s work, I ask those in at-tendance to, “…remember the difference between fact and opinion…” Facts are black and white, aren’t they. It’s not an opinion that 5+5 could equal 10. It does equal 10. Whether a person knows it, understands it, or believes it, it’s a fact There’s no discussion, as there is no discussion when further in my presentations I go on to say, “The fact is, evangelism is not an opinion.”  Read more…

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Exactly how tenacious are you? Tenacious enough to run a ½
Marathon? From the moment it was decided that CFSA would enter this
race, there was never a doubt in my mind that I would finish. Never. It
didn’t occur to me that I’d fail or that I was too old or out of shape to do it
I would succeed. My schedule is crazy and full of traveling so the most
uninterrupted training I ever got was for one month. This would not deter
me. I committed to running this race and I was going to run it.

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