Winter 2017 Newsletter

The role of “Carrousel Rider”, as we support personnel are lovingly referred to by Anne Press, is vital to the mission of “Go and tell…” It may not be as exciting as the role of a “Rollercoaster Rider,” a volunteer for CFSA who travels with a team to a foreign country. It may not be as obviously valuable as workers who share the Gospel with a foreign population in desperate need for hope, or as workers who provide urgent medical care. Read more…

Spring 2017 Newsletter

During every presentation that I give on CFSA’s work, I ask those in at-tendance to, “…remember the difference between fact and opinion…” Facts are black and white, aren’t they. It’s not an opinion that 5+5 could equal 10. It does equal 10. Whether a person knows it, understands it, or believes it, it’s a fact There’s no discussion, as there is no discussion when further in my presentations I go on to say, “The fact is, evangelism is not an opinion.”  Read more…

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Exactly how tenacious are you? Tenacious enough to run a ½
Marathon? From the moment it was decided that CFSA would enter this
race, there was never a doubt in my mind that I would finish. Never. It
didn’t occur to me that I’d fail or that I was too old or out of shape to do it
I would succeed. My schedule is crazy and full of traveling so the most
uninterrupted training I ever got was for one month. This would not deter
me. I committed to running this race and I was going to run it.

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Spring 2016 Newsletter

Have you ever asked, “Where IS God?” Before I go on, I have to ask a second question. Have you ever said, “Oh, THERE He is!”? Of course you have. I would venture a guess you’ve said each. You’ve said them  when tough times were over; or when things miraculously turned out okay just when they couldn’t have looked more than bleak. Well, get in line because I have felt exactly the same way and asked and said the same thing. In fact, I just relived those very things on CFSA’s recent ministry trip to Thailand.

We had been invited to a new village way up in the mountains near Puu Chi Fa. Our local Pastor is doing exploratory work there and it was quite the ‘feather’ that we had been invited to give medical aid in a village where Christianity is an unknown.

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Winter 2015 Newsletter

So how, exactly, does an organization with ‘Southeast Asia’ in it’s name end up in Romania? Only the Lord could make this happen. In 2013 I met Dacian Coita, from Oradea Romania, at a conference. He asked about CFSA and after learning about everything we did, he asked if we could go to Romania and help there.

I reminded him that we worked in Southeast Asia to which he replied, “You can only help people in Asia? You are not able to help people anywhere else in the world?” I had nothing to say! I’m smiling as I think of that exchange because of everything that has happened since. Dacian and I worked to put a program together where Christians Forward – Southeast Asia could do humanitarian aid in Romania.

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Ali Bradley

Christians Forward Southeast Asia (CFSA) has given me two (2) wonderful chances of a lifetime to grow as an individual and to learn about other cultures overseas. The first lifetime opportunity was in Pattaya, Thailand providing humanitarian aid for an orphanage. The team that I was on planted banana trees, sorted donated children’s clothing, and played games with the children. The second lifetime opportunity came when I surprised Anne Press at the LWMS Annual Convention and told her I was going to Cambodia with her. I immediately began collecting medical supplies and then it dawned on me I’m going on a medical trip?

Yipes! What are you doing? Medical is totally out of your realm of expertise! The more I thought about I realized that I didn’t need to worry – the Lord had blessed us with an exceptional medical team everything would be ok.

We provided over-the-counter medical aid to 500+ families that lived and worked in the rural areas of Cambodia. The best highlight and the one thing I loved most was seeing the gratefulness in their eyes. The insight I gained from this experience opened me up to a new perspective in terms of poverty.

I am so looking forward to joining CFSA on many, many more trips in the future.

Jacky Stoll

I’m an RN who had the honor of working at the Red Dirt Village in Thailand. I had done medical missionary work in the past but not with my own WELS group. I had been searching for this opportunity. When I met Anne Press at a National LWMS convention, I couldn’t wait to jump on her bandwagon!

The two week trip was just what I had been searching for because it would allow me the best of both worlds, serving medical and Biblical needs. Another plus was that I got to do that with my own faith group. Mission work is something you either like or not. I immediately became hooked. To be able to give to others has been a constant uplifting joy in my heart. Mission work has because a part of what I am now.

I am unashamed to wear the given title of “Mission Nurse” at the hospital where I work. It opens up opportunities for the WORD to be seeded.

Elizabeth Krahn

When I spoke with Anne Press about this opportunity to do mission work in Thailand, she had me hooked as soon as I heard the words “straw huts.”

I served as an ESL teacher for my first mission trip and what a life-changing experience! It was amazing to be able to share God’s word with my students and to hear them sing joyfully, “Praise ye the Lord!” It made my heart melt to see the beautiful murals the students drew of Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection.

I am so thankful for having had this opportunity to share God’s love with people in Thailand.

Jill Minogue

I went to Thailand strictly on faith. I had no experience as a teacher and even less experience as a visitor to the other side of the world. God guided my lessons, kept me safe, and gave me one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. I will always have the images of smiling young Christians burned into my memory, and am thankful that God introduced me to Anne, CFSA and the Thailand ministry.

Debbie Dyjak

I joined the ministry when I received an unexpected phone call from Anne Press, who told me the upcoming mission trip to Thailand was “tailor made” for me as I am a nurse and an educator. She was right. I asked permission to bring our 10 year old son which was very quickly approved.

Letters were quickly sent out to everyone on my Christmas card list and within one week checks started arriving. Among raffles, a yard sale, a dinner, and donations over $5000.00 was raised in 5 weeks. Praise God! He certainly gave me the desires of my heart (I always wanted to be a missionary).

I pray the Lord moves many couples and families and individuals to serve Him in a country that desperately needs to know Christ crucified. Volunteering was not physically or emotionally difficult for me although not being able to speak the language was hard for me (I like to talk). However, we had translators and the spiritual joy of teaching the Christmas story and Resurrection account to a room full of school children was an experience I will always cherish.

God is so good!