Marlene Pleuss

Question: What to do when newly retired?
Answer: Find opportunities to serve Jesus.

At an LWMS convention, my husband, Alan, and I found CFSA. We were ready to join a team. Before departure, our team of seven people collected money, glasses, dresses, and medical and VBS supplies. That fall, we headed to Nong Khai, Thailand.

We were excited about the start of our medical mission. The three nurses were amazing at the four different sites over four days. Three of us helped with records while my husband took pictures. Each one of the 370 people, ranging in age from infant to 91 years, left with medicine or vitamins, a cross, and a taste of Christ’s love. On the weekend we had two VBS days with 55 children ages five to fifteen, who listened to Bible lessons, moved to music called “Kinder Jam”, and created amazing projects.

At the church service we witnessed two adults and four young people baptized. Pastor’s favorite hymn, “Oh, Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel”, was sung in Thai and English. The common bond of faith was felt by all.

In our free time we explored the Mekong River markets, loved our evening meals from the street vendors, and took a day trip into Laos. We look back on those two weeks with great memories. We look forward to serving again with CFSA. We hope to meet YOU on another mission team, in Christ’s service.

Betty and Rich Pfeiffer

Anne L. Press, President of CFSA, writes: Betty and Rich Pfeiffer were the first volunteers this ministry ever had, proving that at ages 75 and 79, this ministry is ageless and affords opportunities for everyone. Betty was so moved by her experience, she wrote the book “Driven”, an inspiring story of survival and faith. Learn more at:

We were the first, and we thank God we weren’t the last, trip Anne conducted to Thailand as a ministry to the Hmong. There is no better way to understand the importance of these trips than for lay people to see for themselves the beauty of the Hmong people’s hearts, their poverty, and their need. You’ll come back home a different person. Pray for their safety in a volatile country.

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a betrayal? Most of us have and we don’t like it. Our emotions come boiling to the surface and the rage we feel prompts thoughts that absolutely show we’ve lost our focus. The Lord was betrayed and yet His focus never faltered. Ever. Because of that, we have Life. Life eternal in Heaven. How blessed we are! When our betrayals are HEAVY and it seems we can’t take one more thing Satan will use our lowest moment to scream in our ear, “Say UNCLE!”

It is then we need to focus!! Focus on the Lord and trust in His promises. Trust is hard, but because of the Lord, it’s not impossible. Trust gives each of us the courage and strength to say, “Onward, Christian Soldier!!” and that forces Satan to take a hike. When life gets to be too much, focus on Jesus, trust in Him and be the soldier He has made you to be. There is nothing that’s too big for the Lord to handle. Remember, He is your Leader and the best part? The battle is already won!

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Winter 2014 Newsletter

Remember our November 2013 team of 4 nurses who saw 741 patients on their ministry trip? CFSA thought their record would last for years and that they would be holding the crown for quite some time. Well, step down and pass the crown!! In April 2014, CFSA’s team of 4 nurses saw 988 patients!! But wait! What about the Cambodia team of 2 nurses who saw 516 patients!! I guess CFSA better get another crown. What a great ‘problem’ to have. CFSA’s medical aid is a huge draw for the underprivileged whom we help. From this help, we build bridges so that the Gospel can be spread. How ‘Wow’ is that?! What numbers will your ‘Wow’ team bring in?! Join now and find out!

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Spring 2014 Newsletter

In November 2013, a team of 3 nurses, 1 EMT/Pre-Med Student, 1 ELS Instructor and 1 Assistant went to northern Thailand to conduct a Medical/VBS Mission. In just 4 1/2 days, our team saw 741 patients! WOW!! Our next WOW(!) moment came when we were invited to teach in a local public school. There were 120 children in 3 class rooms. Of those 120 children, only 5 had ever heard the name JESUS. What a blessing to be able to share the true message of Christmas with them and to introduce 115 children to their Savior. WOW!! Want to experience a WOW(!) moment of your own? Join a team today!

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Winter 2013 Newsletter

In April, a team of eight volunteers went to Northern Thailand to conduct our latest Medical/VBS Mission. In five half days, our medical staff saw 380 patients and our VBS Team shared the gospel with over 50 children each day. ‘Miracles of Jesus’ was the theme for this mission’s VBS. A fitting theme not only for the lives of those served, but for CFSA as well. Teaching and reviewing that God has the power to do anything was a great boost to us all. We carry that Truth with us each time we travel to Southeast Asia. We hold it as a beacon as we spread the Word and act as a Champion for the underdog.

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Spring 2013 Newsletter

CFSA has just completed its first fiscal year and we couldn’t be happier with our progress. We have had our good times and bad, but through all of them, the Good Lord has kept us steadily moving forward. Just when I think the ’jar of oil’ is going to be empty, I take a second look and it’s STILL full. God has kept this ministry safe and sound through all the ups and downs, and we’re still moving forward. He is truly a gracious, merciful and loving God and He is making certain, CFSA progresses. To HIM all praise and glory!

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