Past Missions


AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 06, 2017

ROMANIA…Oradea, Beznea
Click to read an article about the trip and view the Romanian news video.  You will need to convert the article into English.

APRIL 19 – MAY 03, 2017Thailand ministry trip.

CFSA’s ministry team saw 393 patients in just 3 1/2 days of clinical work.  The majority of the work took place in Red Dirt Village, in the province of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Everyone who came for help was seen by the medical staff.  Each patient received the Book of Luke written in Hmong and left our clinical after our Hmong Pastors prayed for them.
The volunteers had such hearts full of love and service.  They were eager to share that with those they met and served, and were true blessings to all


November 2 – 16, 2016 – Village 9, Thailand

Our fanTASTic(!) November team returned from yet another successful medical clinic. A total of 585 patients came for help and blessedly, we were able to give all of them the aid they needed. The Lord’s hand was evident throughout our time there and with His constant help and guidance, CFSA will continue in its work in Thailand in April.


11-2016-cfsa-1   11-2016-cfsa-2   11-2016-cfsa-3  11-2016-cfsa-6

11-2016-cfsa-7  11-2016-cfsa-5  11-2016-cfsa-8  11-2016-cfsa-4

August 31 – September 14, 2016 Romania

CFSA provided humanitarian aid by assisting with the refurbishing of a school library, working in a garden that provides food for a home for intellectually disabled individuals, and painting the porch of the farm house that supports the home for the disabled.

Romanian Team November 2016   dscn0898

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The light fixtures were replaced, window coverings hung, and books returned after we left. Here are a few pictures of the finished library.

9-2016-romaina_3  9-2016-romaina_7  9-2016-romaina_5

Spring 2016 – Chiang Rai Province, Remote Villages

Our team of nurses and assistants saw 563 patients in one short week. In one village, we were the first to give treatment to a 15 year old boy who had just been in a motorcycle accident…he was racing with his friends and he ‘lost’… Everyone was involved in his care in one way or another. He had a deep gash above his eye, his knee was severely damaged, he had used his hands to break his fall and they were ‘shredded’, and the overall ‘road rash’ was acute. The nurses cleaned his wounds, wrapped them in bandages and then one team member, Kristin, went with him to the hospital in Chiang Rai (about 2 hours away). The doctors there said CFSA’s team did a perfect job in attending to him. That was the first time we had ever been invited to that village and all of us couldn’t help but think how the Lord knew that boy was going to need us. We know the Lord arranged for our invitation there and we know the Lord brought our team together and without instruction on ‘how to’ got us working together as a unit. Marjorie, another volunteer RN said, “I haven’t seen emergency room teams gel as great and quickly as we all did. Everyone worked together so well and with no training!”


Fall 2015 – Puu Chi Faa, Thailand


Fall 2015, Romania

It was our first time in Eastern Europe and we couldn’t have asked for better results. The Lord provided a hardworking, energetic, dedicated team.  The team prepared buildings for a new Romanian non-profit venture in the village of Bratca and painted at the Municipal Hospital in the city of Oradea.


Spring 2015 – Puu Chi Faa, Thailand

CFSA’s (April 15 – 29) trip to Thailand was a huge success. Two nurses saw 435 patients in just 2 full and 3 half days of clinic. VBS activities in the afternoons were super fun.


October 28 – November 11, 2014, Village 9,  Thailand

CFSA provided medical aid to 696 people of all ages in a Hmong refugee village.  Many of them had seen little or no organized medical assistance, prior to our visit. The team included 4 RNs and 2 assistants.  National pastors, evangelists, and seminary students served as interpreters. The national Lutheran pastor provided a blessing and pray as each patient left the clinic.  Patients and family members attending the clinic were given a cross and gospel book written in Hmong.


pastor-joe-w-patient clinic2

September 02 – 16, 2014  Cambodia – Working with CROSSING CAMBODIA

We gave medical aid to the street children in northern Cambodia and helped in many other ways.


July 22 – August 05, 2014  Pattaya, Thailand – Working with the Father Ray Foundation

Volunteers gave humanitarian aid to those who are blind, deaf, limbless, orphaned, mentally handicapped, and other similarly situated individuals.


April 2014  Chiang Rai Province, Thailand, Remote Villages

CFSA returned to this province of Thailand, studded with many villages with no nearby medical services. To date, the most examinations and medicines were delivered to an even greater number of villagers.


November 2013 Red Dirt Village, (Chiang Rai Province) Thailand

The remote village received intensive medical care and VBS offerings. Seven hundred forty-one patients were seen in just 4 1/2 days of work!!!…AND 120 students received ESL at one of the village schools.


July 2013  Pattaya, Thailand – Working with the Father Ray Foundation

In conjunction with The Father Ray Foundation, CFSA provided a large number of medical examinations and administered appropriate medications, while ESL and VBS classes were also offered.


Spring of 2013  Chang Kham, Thailand

Medical assistance, humanitarian aid, and VBS classes were offered and delivered.


November 2012  Nong Khai, Thailand

VBS and Medical support was delivered.


Spring of 2012  Baan Lai, Thailand

CFSA provided support in the form of medical necessities and through a VBS program.